Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Using Cricut mats in the Silhouette Cameo

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Although I've had my Cameo for a year now & the Cricut a bit longer, I'm still on a learning curve & often unsure about blade settings & such.  One issue I've had with the Cameo is that I've now ruined at least three new or nearly new mats because the Cameo cut right through them.  I've tried to continue to use them.  But often, when the mat is being rolled back & forth while cutting, the edges where the mat is cut through will cause the Cameo to jam or stick & you've now ruined the cut you're now making.  So in my experience, once a mat has been cut through, it's no longer useful.

The last time this happened, I got fed up (BRAND NEW MAT!) & Googled about using the thicker, Cricut mats in a Silhouette.  Sure enough, people are doing this.  It appears the Silhouette mats have a thinner top "margin".  So some people cut down their Cricut mats used in a Cameo.  So far, I've been able to get along by moving the paper up a bit.  In the photo below, when using the Cameo, I align the paper where the pink arrow is pointing instead of where the blue arrow is pointing.  Since this area is not sticky, you might have to use tape to tape the top edge down or you could treat it with some Zip two way glue, so that it is sticky.  (I guess that's why some people find it easier to just trim the top/bottom margins!)  To clarify, if you trim, do not trim the sides.  Only the top/bottom.

Additionally, Cricut mats are generally about half the price of the Silhouette mats!  

Say YAY!

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